Our main field of activity is design and 3D architectural visualization (official site www.loftstudio.fi) We produce virtual panoramas
in 3D graphic since 2003. From the end of 2010 we extended the sphere of activity and, using accumulated experience, started
with 360 panoramas and virtual tours based on a real photography. In that way Panolab division came into existence. For making
panoramas and virtual tours we use high-precision equipment and professional software. Our equipment allows to make aerial
panorama 360, on the alttitudes of hundreds of meters (see examples in the gallery "Only Outdoors").
A few words - how 360 panoramas and virtual tours can help in Your business:
1. It will favorably distinguish You from the competitors use static images / photos.
2. It will help to attract more potential customers. The traffic and the total time of staying on Your company site will increase.
3. The interactive text modules, integrated video and interactive links will make the panoramic tour presentation expressive and quite informative. The client's attention will draw to the key features / benefits of the property.
4. These panoramas does not requires an additional software to view. You can use any available Internet browser.
5. Our panorana tours are designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets
(iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone ...).
6. The panoramas can be placed to the Internet. Also, it can work autonomously without Internet connection.

All panoramas presented in visualization section are computer generated and contain no photo content